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New way of Sourcing and Financing



German Business Delegation to South Korea

Twelve German maritime equipment suppliers participated in a business delegation visit sponsored by BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) to Busan, Ulsan and Okpo from June 26 – July 1 2016. This visit was supported by GeMaX sponsor VSM and guided by VDMA.

During meetings and discussions with leading Korean maritime companies and associations the German representatives got the opportunity to establish and strengthen their business relations.

German high-tech products have a good reputation and a long history in the Korean maritime industry .The increasing demand for fuel efficient and low emission solutions makes German maritime suppliers ideal partners for the Korean shipbuilding industry to tackle the challenges of the market.

You are a German maritime supplier?
19.06.2017 · Events
Boosting Inter-European procurement in the European maritime value chain Speed-dating event
23.03.2017 · Events
German shipbuilding- and maritime technology-focused companies will visit Canadian shipbuilding industry from September 18 to 22, 2017
23.03.2017 · Events
German shipbuilding- and maritime technology-focused companies will visit Teheran and Bandar Abbas, Iran from May 12 to 17, 2017
08.02.2017 · Members
Siemens' portfolio is a significant contribution to expand the GeMaX makers list
24.01.2017 · Events
Das VII. GeMaX Fachtreffen findet am 24.01.2017 in den Räumen des VSM statt
07.12.2016 · Members
The worldwide renown propeller designer and manufacturer joins GeMaX and offers its services for newbuilding, retrofit and propeller efficiency analysis.
22.11.2016 · Events
German shipbuilding- and maritime technology-focused companies will visit India from 22nd to 25th November 2016
07.11.2016 · Events
One day before the opening of Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference OSEA 2016, GeMaX members, both from Germany and locals from Singapore meet for networking with each other and with selected customers
07.11.2016 · Events
German shipbuilding- and maritime technology-focused companies will visit Indonesia from Februar 19 to 23, 2017
07.10.2016 · Events
Presentation of GeMaX on the 17th FPSO world congress 2016
14.09.2016 · Events
Meet us at the world’s leading expo for wind energy | 27 – 30 sept 2016 | Hamburg
02.09.2016 · Events
On occasion of the SMM 2016, GeMaX and KfW-IPEX bank cordially invite the interested audience to learn more about the GeMaX Scheme in our lunch workshop.
24.08.2016 · Members
With SDC the number of GeMaX members has grown to 23.
20.07.2016 · Events
Meet us at the leading international maritime trade fair | 6 – 9 sept 2016 | Hamburg
19.07.2016 · Events
focuses on the german EXPORT FINANCE market | 21 sep 2016 | Frankfurt, Germany
19.07.2016 · Events
5 oct 2016 | Hamburg, Germany
19.07.2016 · Events
2 - 7 oct 2016 | Shipbuilding and Maritime Technology
02.06.2016 · Events
German maritime equipment suppliers visited Busan, Ulsan and Okpo.
01.05.2016 · Members
Ship Technology at the highest level – Heavy equipment for the marine industry
26.04.2016 · Information
CHRISTIAN SCHNEIDER wird ab 1. Mai 2016 die Projektleitung der German Maritime Export Initiative GeMaX übernehmen.
08.04.2016 · Events
Nach einem ersten erfolgreichen Workshop in Singapur im Januar 2016 ging diese Veranstaltungsreihe in die zweite Runde.
07.04.2016 · Information
Iran und Deutschland wollen enger zusammenarbeiten
03.02.2016 · Events
Am vergangenen Freitag, dem 29. Januar 2016, fand der erste GeMaX Workshop in Singapur in den dortigen Räumlichkeiten von MTU statt.
26.11.2015 · Events
Am 25.11.2015 fand beim VSM in Hamburg die hochrangig besetzte German Maritime Export Conference statt.
02.11.2015 · Information
Oktober 2015: Das Kennenlernen neuer, potentieller Absatzmärkte und die Sondierung von Geschäftsmöglichkeiten war Ziel der vom BMWi geförderten Markterkundungsreise für die schiffbau- und meerestechnische Industrie vom 4. - 8. Oktober 2015 nach Indonesien.
02.10.2015 · Events
Wednesday, 25th November GeMaX organises the first German Maritime Export Conference.
02.10.2015 · Termine
05.07.2015 · Information
Märkte erschließen – Die deutsche maritime Industrie in Malaysia